Mobile Application for Senior Citizens and Family Members to assist in the regular doctor visits of the patient.

From my personal experience, our elderly relatives and senior citizens have a higher risk to loose documents and papers when they hold or keep them. A regular checkup with a medical doctor will, with the minimum, give instructions on when is the next visit. There will be other instructions like the possible medications, when and how long to take them. These things are usually listed down on prescription pad by the medical doctor. The use of this application is to transfer the data from the hard copy prescription pad into the soft copy on the mobile application. This will provide a soft copy of all the medical documentation of the patient regarding the last visit, medications and schedule of next visits. Family members will have an actual interface and data in their phones so as to monitor the medical data of their elderly members of the family. The data inputted can only be edited and updated by an assigned designated family member, authorized doctor or authorized nurse in updating the information. The senior cannot update the said information without the help of another individual to avoid accidentally removing important medical information given by the doctor or the healthcare provider. Interface will be provided with big fonts and easy to read. The data will be able to sync among the allowed devices connected to the primary device of the elderly or senior person. This application will work with either a mobile phone or tablet. This will also be available in both the Android and iOS operating system.












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